Celebrating the Earth’s Day in the kindergarten

On 24 April students from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of SZIU visited the local kindergarten on the occasion of the Earth’s Day. Approximately 100 lovely and playful kids were looking forward to meeting the foreign students.  Colourful and very creative presentations were given about the countries of our students, about their animals, their environment and about other national traditions. Kids had to guess the nationality of the presenters; they could guess which continent they came from. Kids liked this game very much.

We had a globe with us and we showed them their countries on the globe and how far the country is from Hungary.

The first presenter was Gifty Kenetey from Ghana who showed and taught a Ghanaian kids song about hawks and chicks. Kids were singing the song together with her while she was dancing the traditional dance.

The next presenter was Nguyen Huu Hoang from Viet Nam who showed the kids how the Vietnamese children in the kindergarten celebrate the Earth Day.   

They do experiments outside the kindergarten and symbolize the big hills of Vietnam with two slides -one with tree and the other without trees- teaching the kids why our natural environment, the trees and flowers are so important for us.

Then it was Fidel Ernesto Rodriguez Galarza from Ecuador who talked about why plastic is not good for our environment and what we should do in order to reduce the number of plastic around us. He showed plastic and reusable paper to the kids and asked them which can degrade and what it means to degrade and how long it takes to degrade, etc.. The kids were very clever; they had good answers and even better questions.

Then we had a very playful game with Sandy Kabalan.  She prepared with a lot of materials to the kids. She gave them colouring materials, puzzles and also asked them to draw something in connection with the earth on a big piece of white cloth. And finally all the international students signed these two “drawings”, which will be a nice memory for the kids.

The next presenter was Asád Sáleem from Pakistan who was wearing his national clothes and kids really liked that his name means ‘lion’.

Our last presenter was Dorsaf Maayoufi from Tunisia who talked about the similarities between flowers and humans, thus all of us made a big circle and started to act like flowers. We were sleeping, breathing or blossoming.

At the end the kids and the kindergarten teachers asked us to make a big circle and hand in hand we started  to sing a Hungarian song by 100 Folk Celsius together. This was their surprise to the foreign guests. The repeating refrain of the song goes like: Europe, Asia, Africa….and yes Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America was singing together. Thank you guys. It will be a nice memory for all the kids.

Celebrating the Earth’s Day in the kindergarten
Celebrating the Earth’s Day in the kindergarten