Dean's Greeting

kaposzta_jozsef.jpgDear Visitor,

Let me welcome you on the website of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Szent István University. We are living in a fast world in which information and access to information as well as its fast and simple communication may bring significant advantages to all the players in the economy.

In accordance with the abovementioned, we would like to provide help so that you could get to know our faculty that has recently been rewarded with the Prize of Excellence and which – among others – deals with higher education, research, adult training and extension. It is a faculty where you can expect to meet several members of the best and most competitive staff in the country. It is proven by the fact that in an extensive survey about the higher education institutions of Hungary, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is among the top five. Furthermore, according to a survey about all the faculties which offer business and management courses, we are on the third place based on the scientific titles and activities of our lecturers.

Several additional indicators could be listed up to prove that the activity of the faculty is competitive at both national and international scale. However, I think that the best indicator for that is the feedback of the market which positions all the courses and the institutions available. Regarding our position, we can be proud because the entrants who graduated at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Szent István Unviersity have very good perspectives on the labor market and according to the statistics they have the highest salaries compared to their fellows. Our university and faculty have strong position in the competition of the Hungarian higher educational institutions and we should be proud of our widespread international relations and the high number of foreign students on our campus. All this is due to the great efforts of the past 25 years, resulting in the wide range of educational programs in Hungarian language in 5 scientific fields including 11 BA/BSc courses, 12 MA/MSc courses, 2 teacher training courses, 7 vocational trainings and several further trainings. We also have two doctoral schools so we can offer all the levels of education from vocational trainings to PhD. Building on the strong and firm basis, our aim is to carry out such developments that enable the Szent István University to become one of the major educational and research institutions of rural science in Hungary. In addition, we are working hard to improve the capacities of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences so that it could contribute to the realization of the major national economic strategies by providing modern and extended knowledge on business, rural economy and social science as well.

I do hope that this website, like a guide, contains all the information that you might need when looking for information about our courses, research projects or our staff. If you are interested in our activities, please find us on facebook and twitter.

If you visit us personally, you will be warmly welcomed! The future has already started at our faculty, do not miss it!

Yours sincerely,
Prof. dr. h.c. József Káposzta