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The Institute of Business Economics, Leadership and Management has a history of many decades through its predecessors, and its roots go back to the former Department of Agricultural Management, which was led and developed by internationally acknowledged professors and their colleagues.

The mission of the Institute is to provide a well-based and practice-oriented knowledge for the students of the Szent István University in the different fields of business economics and management, by which we will:

  • contribute to the reputation and attractiveness of the University,
  • improve the prestige and the position of the Faculty,
  • lay down the foundations of our students’ career,
  • help the career and professional development of our colleagues.

To achieve our mission and goals:

  • we are responsible for and manage the education of fundamental subjects at economic and agricultural courses both in Hungarian and in English, such as Business Economics, Agricultural Economics I-II., and other different management courses;
  • we are responsible for the management, organization and continuous development of several study programs, namely the Management and Business Administration Bachelor program (in Hungarian and English), Management and Business Administration Higher Educational Vocational program (in Hungarian), and the Executive MBA programs;
  • we are responsible for various professional subjects at different faculties of the University at Bachelor and Master courses, and we take part in the doctoral programs at different specializations, subjects and by managing the PhD Management subprogram;
  • we take part in the education of different subjects at the University’s cross-border courses (in Hungarian language) at Beregszász/Beregovo (Ukraine), Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc (Romania) and Zenta/Senta (Serbia);
  • as its founder and mentor, we take part in the organization and management of Business Economics College of Advanced Studies, which helps to achieve an advanced knowledge and higher experience level for our students which may play an important role in their future career development;
  • as members of Hungarian and international research groups we perform active research work and through our wide and active cooperation with the business sphere  we are able to take part in professional consultancy work, which build a good basis for our primary, educational activities;
  • the professional and scientific activities of our colleagues are wide: we actively take part at professional and scientific events and trainings as organizers and board members, and in the work of the editorial boards of domestic and international journals.

The Institute of Business Economics, Leadership and Management consists of three departments: Department of Farm Management, Department of Managerial Economics and Department of Management and Leadership.

The main research programs of the Institute are the following:

  1. development and management of SMEs,
  2. entrepreneurial attitudes of university students,
  3. CSR and the company-level aspects of employees with disabilities and changed working abilities,
  4. project management in company-level management,
  5. management and development of agricultural enterprises,
  6. food safety management in public catering,
  7. economic and management questions of precision farming in crop production and livestock farming.

Gödöllő, 1st February, 2020.

Prof. Dr. ILLÉS, Bálint Csaba
Director of the Institute, full professor

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Department of Farm Management

The main objective of the Department of Farm Management is to prepare our students learning in different specializations of agricultural study fields for leading and managing agricultural enterprises. The focus of our subjects is put on the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and control. By the introduction of the managerial functions, students will be able to prepare themselves for the leader’s role in different sized agricultural enterprises, and will be able to conduct successfully different planning activities. In in general, they will be able to work and build their careers in the companies of the agricultural and food processing sector.

The mission of the department is to establish a complex way of knowledge transfer and to build awareness of the students, which contributes to the development of a sustainable agricultural sector, sustainable economy and a sustainable rural society.

The research activities of the department are also important part of our work. Our research activities are related to the work of the research groups entitled ‘Management of Agricultural Enterprises’ and ‘Development and Management of SMEs’, which research results and experiences are directly incorporated into our teaching materials and education methods. Our main research topics focus on the economic and management questions of precision farming, the formulation of sustainable business models and the quality and food safety assurance of agricultural products ‘from farm to fork’ particularly in the school catering sector and direct sales. 

Head of department
Prof. Dr. DUNAY Anna
full professor

Department of Managerial Economics

Our students meet most of the subjects taught by the Department of Managerial Economics at the first semesters of their university studies, therefore, our main task is to lay down the fundamentals of the professional knowledge for the Hungarian and international students with a special,  very sensitive and supporting attitude.

Our educational and research activities are related to the complex analysis of the operation of different companies. Our goal is – by using the most recent Hungarian and international research results – to show the most up-to-date professional and practical solutions to our students, which may help them in decision-making and everyday work in their future jobs. The wide practical, scientific and cultural experiences of our colleagues guarantee that our students will learn how to solve problems in different situations and they will understand that the success is built on well-based economic knowledge and practical/professional experiences.

Our present researches focus on the competitiveness of the SME sector, sustainable business models and on the managerial issues and challenges and of different functional areas of business enterprises.

Head of department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. FODOR Zita Júlia
associate professor

Department of Management and Leadership

The mission of our department is to train future leaders, therefore we shall not provide only professional training, but we shall focus on human values, too. Our goal is to educate our students in such way, which may help them to work successfully in any industries – even at global level – using their critical but sensitive and supporting professional and human skills. Our personal and online courses support to achieve these practice-oriented skills, which may help them to become successful and acknowledges leaders.

Due to the international and cultural experiences of our colleagues, the department represents diverse fields of management topics (strategy-making, planning, innovation, leadership, organizational behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility and multiculturalism), therefore we can provide a multi-layered knowledge supported by our professional experiences and scientific research results.

Our present researches are conducted at the following fields: the analysis of leadership activities and decision-making, the development of agile project management models in the age of AI, and the comparison of CSR activities of different, agricultural and non-agricultural companies in Hungary and the Visegrad countries.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. ILLÉS Bálint Csaba
full professor