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Welcome to the Institute of Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Tourism!

The flow of values, strategic cooperation and systemic thinking are among the most important key issues of our current network-based economy and dynamically changing business of the 21st century. Following this, our institute of three interconnected areas is formed around the idea what kind of values flow. Materials, customer satisfaction and people themselves flow in the big vascular system of the world, too. Our institute is organised in a way where certain parts of that global system can be found, namely Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Marketing and Tourism. The mission of that conglomerate is to give efficient helping hand to the leaders of the new era with high-quality international knowledge and solutions. In our courses you could get experience about the development of operation effectiveness, how to increase the level of customer satisfaction and principles of the valuable leisure time organisation. The well-established Marketing science, the fast-developing Supply Chain Management and Logistics as well as Tourism and Catering could help us in reaching this goal. Our special research area is getting to know connection networks, the cooperation of business networks, developing innovative solutions for industry 4.0, the internet of things or the latest applications of a sustainable economy. Be the part of that high-level practice-oriented management course which is available for you in different forms such as higher vocational education, bachelor and master degree courses, or in dual vocational education. In cooperation with our professional partners we can help to deepen the practical knowledge at our Institute’ programs providing you a great chance to find a good job in the labour market matching your qualifications. Most of our instructors have courses in Hungarian as well as in English. Look around here, and you will find useful information about courses, professional studies and thesis. If you have questions or you need more information, contact us and our colleagues will be in touch with you soon.

Our study programmes include:

  • MSc in Supply Chain Management (formerly Logistics Management)
  • Higher vocational education (FOSZK) in Economics in Commerce and Marketing
  • BSc in Economics in Commerce and Marketing
  • MSc in Marketing
  • PhD in Marketing
  • Higher vocational education (FOSZK) in Tourism Catering
  • BSc in Tourism Catering
  • MSc in Tourism Catering
  • BSc Dual vocational education in Tourism Catering
  • Specialized training program in Climate Economics
  • Counselling training program in Climate Economics

Best regards,
Dr. Balázs Gyenge Ph.D.
Director of Institute, associate professor

Contant information

Director of Institute: Dr. Gyenge Balázs Ph.D.
Administration: elmt.inté (Győriné Bankó Beáta, administrator)
Address: Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,
Institute of Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Tourism (in hungarian: SZIE GTK Ellátásilánc-menedzsment, Marketing és Turizmus Intézet)
2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1.
Phone: +3628/522-000/1984
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Department of Operations and Service Management and Logistics

Welcome to the webpage of Operations and Service Management and Logistics!

One of the most dynamically developing areas of management studies is operations, in another term management of activities. The fact that traditional production theory has been replaced by strategic concept, process and systemic thinking makes a significant impact on the organisation’s everyday life and puts it into the focus of economic rationality and basic business decisions. These viewpoints make better understanding and embody the new perspectives of modern operations management, logistics and value creation.

During the last two decades in the developed countries the operation of enterprises has been literally revolutionised by the concepts combining the capital efficiency and customised demands, almost conquering the whole world both from the east or the west, and “slimming down or LEANing” the corporate and organisational structures.

The aim of our department is to provide experts-to-be with knowledge about how to relate to real processes with understanding and creative mind, to be able to develop it continuously, and to be able to generate competitive advantages for the “whole process” and company.

Dr. Gyenge Balázs Ph.D.
head of department, associate professor

Our missions:

  • Strengthen of  the threefold unit of science, education and practice with the work of our study group
  • Corresponding to the high level business courses
  • Acceptance of our young department will increase
  • Education of professionals who is able to present economic thinking
  • Connection of corporate links and University knowledge, spin-off
  • Education will be a bridge between of learning and practice.

Professional disciplines

Supply Chain Management, management and leadership, management, business economics and management, innovation, R&D, quality management, logistics, project management, decision theory and support, strategic management, technology management, operation and service management, knowledge management, business planning, business modelling, process analysis and audit, simulation, discrete event simulation, agent simulation, qualitative modelling of value chain  and flow, mathematical modelling, value chain analysis, spin-off application. Our study group: Business process analysing and simulation study group.

Head of department
Dr. Gyenge Balázs Ph.D.
leder of department, associate professor

Department of Marketing

Welcome to the webpage of Marketing!

I sincerely welcome you on our website, representing the Department of Marketing! Modern economic environment offers a variety of challenges for entreprise leaders, managers, decision-makers and executives. Marketing offers a toolset for enterprise management which uses actual information from the market to help identify the consumer and purchaser demands, facilitate its tracking, and by offering a basis for the creation of optimal marketing strategy, using proper marketing management and communication tools.

The Marketing major of Gödöllő works in this environment with great success, hosting the experience of more than 25 years in the Gödöllő university. The education organisation forms preceding the current one (starting from establishment in 1987) were institute department, separate department, and separate institute. Education, research and professional counseling are given a balanced focus in the activity profile of the Department of Marketing, taking part in the following majors’ education process:

  • Commerce and Marketing vocational training course (HLVT).
  • Commerce and Marketing Bachelor course, (BA),
  • Marketing Master’s course (MSc),
  • Marketing Ph.D programme, in the SZIU FESS Doctoral School of Economics and Organisational Sciences

The students applying to our institution, Szent István University, can complete all three levels of their higher education in marketing: BA, MSc and Ph.D.


The Department of Marketing Management believes offering actual knowledge to their students to be of critical importance. In order to facilitate this, offering a level of theoretic knowledge adhering to international trends is the standard when creating education material. This notion is supported and proven by the international experiences, and research, education partnerships of our lecturers (Webster University, USA, Murray State University, USA, Christian Agricultural College, Netherlands, Geisenheim University, Germany).

The education of marketing, its research, and enterprise counseling in Gödöllő obtained a certain credit, professional prestige in the past. Our mission is to keep this image, and apply modern information technology’s toolset and its novel opportunities to further develop it.

Professional disciplines

Marketing, marketing management, marketingcommunications, marketing strategy, public relations, online marketing and communications, marketing planning, media- and advertisement communications, sales promotion, consumer behaviour sciences, customer relationship management, regional- and local area marketing, tourism marketing, service marketing, business marketing, wine marketing, integrated marketing communications, procurement and sales management, business communications. The usage, research and development of qualitative and quantitative market research. The usage, research and development of the widely acclaimed and fast-developing toolset of online marketing. Analysis, mathematical modeling, and computer evaluation of marketing activities, and in a broader sense, business processes. Inter-disciplinary research, analysis, development and cooperation between enterprise fields: marketing and logistics, marketing and corporate information technology, marketing and quality management. Unique areas of marketing and business activities: culture marketing, relation of marketing and NGO sector, personal financial management.

With kind regards,

Head of department
János Papp, Ph.D

head of department,
associate professor

Department of Tourism and Catering

Tourism and Hospitality is one of the most popular higher education programs not worldwide but also in Hungary. Apply this faculty if you want to choos a varied and complex profession full of experiences, challenges and opportunities. Our specialization has been one of the most popular courses of our University’s Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences for a decade.  Our students can complete the program in dual form also. We recommend our high quality education to all those who would like to learn the domestic and international theory and practice of tourism. In addition to learning about many areas, we emphasize the ability to think in the system and provide up-to-date professional knowledge that can be used in practice. Our extensive professional networking system ensures that our students have access to practice-oriented training and genuine market-leading know-how. Through our extensive international contacts, our students have the opportunity to obtain international internships and to obtain part of their studies abroad, so that they will have a competitive diploma and knowledge in an international environment.

Welcome in our courses!

Head of department:
Dr. Ph.D. Molnár Csilla

head of department,
associate professor