Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling

The Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling is an institute which educate major disciplines within business sciences. It plays a pivotal role in meeting science disciplines, due to financial analysis and management of economic impacts, in meeting digitalization expectations. Its mission is to adapt economic sustainability factors in different business models in long term.

The institute is the owner of two MSc, three BSc programs.

  • Higher Education Vocational Training
  • Finance, accounting
  • Bachelor’s Programs
  • Finance and Accounting BSc
  • Master’s Programs
  • Finance MSc

Approximately one thousand students win admissions each year. The total number of students of our institute is approximately three- four hundred. The internal and external professional recognition of the institute was based on the work of its colleagues and the extensive, long-standing work of the predecessor institute. The structure of the new matrix-based organizational system relies on synergies between the fields of science and education of the institute. The composition of the institute is the basis for the professional strength of the institute. Our honorary associate professors also contribute to the educational tasks and to the strengthening of corporate relations. Our staff commitment to education is exemplary. Our common goal is to provide students with quality business and management education that meets the needs of modern business and state administration.

Our Mission

  • The dynamic and inductive relationship between the triple unity of science, education and practice will be of paramount importance in our future. The Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling strives to achieve this, and accordingly operates exciting and practical research teams. We strive to build a knowledge base that is not only up-to-date but also future-proof, capable of meeting the economic and social challenges of our time.
  • In our scientific and research work we consider the international standard. It is important for us to support and encourage our trainers to gain experience abroad. Establishment of international research workshops that will attract PhD students, students and teachers.
  • By innovating our teaching and research work, our main goal is to increase the knowledge of our students and to enhance the value of our university diplomas. International and domestic awareness gained among students and business leaders is a real value to us

The vision and long-term goals of the institute

  • Provide resources through our corporate relationships.
  • Support for foreign language training and participation with own educational materials.
  • To strengthen our position at the forefront of domestic business training and research.
  • Appear in the international professional circulation with a supply focused on market needs.
  • We strive to create a departmental culture that supports collaborative work by building on individual knowledge, values and competencies.

We base our teaching and scientific research activities on closer relationships with business, and aim to provide true market-leading know-how for business-based businesses that they can effectively incorporate into their business. The resulting new knowledge can be harnessed by researchers and students alike, together with corporate professionals. This way of thinking is not unknown in Western European or American practice, yet it represents a novel approach in Hungary. In the educational and professional activities of the Institute, special emphasis is placed on the training of PhD students. Our website provides a wealth of information on trainings, suggested topics, the PhD training system, and our live economic relationships.

I trust that our website has attracted your interest and the pragmatic information provided here will give all our prospective and active students a competitive edge.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Habil. Zoltán Zéman Ph.D. in Economics
mb. Director of Institute, Professor
Vice-Chairman of the Economic Sciences Committee of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference