Interview with our Chinese guest teacher, Zhao Nan

- We are very happy to welcome you at Szent István University. Can you please introduce yourself briefly?

- My name is Zhao Nan, you can call me Maggie. I was born in the northern part of China, and now I am living and working in Ningbo, a beautiful seaport city, which is famous for its flourishing economy and trading for long. I graduated from the University of New South Wales in Australia, Master of Commerce in International Business.

- Where did you start working after finishing the university?

- I once worked in a large Joint Venture Company, and I have been working as a teacher in Zhejiang Business Technology Institute (ZBTI) since 2011. The main teaching courses include International Business, Marketing and Management.

- Is it your first time here in Hungary?

- No, it isn’t. I stayed in Hungary for a few days last summer and fell in love with this country. The architectures are amazing and the people are very friendly here.

- What is your sweetest memory about your last trip to Hungary?

- Well, sitting by the side of Danube River and watching the sunset became one of the most beautiful memories in my life. So I am so happy to come here again under the cooperation between ZBIT and SZIU. I felt so much warmness and received lots of help from the university staff from the first day I came here.

- During your 4-month stay at SZIU, what classes will you teach and what topics will you cover with the students?

- It is quite interesting to join in class here as the students come from so many different countries with various cultural backgrounds. It is a great experience to communicate with them and listen to their thoughts. Dr. habil Dunay Anna and I are planning to organize lecture on talking about Chinese economy and related issues.

- Do you think that Chinese students would like to come to Hungary to study?

- Well, Hungary and China keeps a long-term good friendship and the communication is deeper and deeper. I have an amazing time in SZIU and I believe the cooperation between SZIU and ZBTI will be larger and deeper. Many students are looking forward to come to SZIU for exchange, and also ZBTI people look forward SZIU staff and students to visiting China and ZBTI.

Interview with our Chinese guest teacher, Zhao Nan