Business Administration and Management (bachelor / BA)

Objectives of the study program:

The objective of training is to train business economists who have appropriate economic, social, applied economics and methodological knowledge and are able to plan and monitor the activities and processes of business organizations, enterprises and institutions, to manage the company resources and production factors, as well as the business activities and actions.

The joint module of the Business Administration and Management BA consists of the following subjects: business communication, marketing management, business ethics, strategic planning and management, controlling, business analysis, organizational behaviour, business information technology, quality management, finance law, management of small- and medium-scale enterprises, decision theory. Important part of basic module is the two-semester Business English (or other foreign language) and different skill development (presentation techniques, career planning, personality development and communication training). In addition to the basic knowledge of economics, there is a possibility to study at specializations in the last two semesters of the course (Distribution chain management; Marketing; Business information system; Business management; Business finance). The students also have the possibility to take part in study trips organized to our partner institutions and businesses.

  • Starting date(s): September
  • Duration of the course: 7 semesters - 33 months
  • Location of the course: Gödöllő / Hungary
  • Language requirements: B2 level certificate, certificate about studies in English or official document about studying subjects in English.
  • Tuition Fee : 2300 EURO/semester
  • Course curriculum

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