Supply Chain Management (master / MSc)

Objectives of the study program:

The course was launched in 2010 based on the knowledge gathered and experiences by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (under the name Logistics Management MSc and its new name Supply Chain Management MSc now) which has been working successfully since then. In the four-semester long full-time training, there is high level theoretical knowledge merged with practical experiences and business relations meanwhile the ones who are interested in deeper theoretical knowledge can take part in further studies in PhD programs.

The aim of this course to train professional economists who can manage integrated logistical systems, can understand the relationships between integrated corporal logistics and supply chains which connect companies. For the sake of this comprehensive approach it is necessary to use knowledge about issues such as transport/carriage, inventory management, location, procurement and distribution, order processing, customer satisfaction. With this knowledge educated experts can design, study or improve the logistics processes between corporal logistics processes and logistics processes among companies with management and strategic approach.

  • Starting date(s): September
  • Duration of the course: 4 semesters - 20 months
  • Minimum requirement for admission: Bachelor degree preferably in Economics, Business, Management, Logistics etc.
    • 60 credits of the relevant field of study
    • in case of 30-59 credits, the applicant need to take additional exams in the first 2 semesters of the MA course
    • in case of 0-29 credits, the applicant needs to study for 2 semesters PRIOR to the MA course to collect the 60 credits (supplementary studies) 
  • Location of the course: Gödöllő / Hungary
  • Language requirements: B2 level certificate, certificate about studies in English or official document about studying subjects in English.
  • Tuition Fee: 3000 EUR/semester
  • Course curriculum

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