Tourism Management (master / MSc)

Objectives of the study program:

The objective of the Master's Degree Program is to provide specialists for the tourism industry. Those who graduate the training will have professional competencies and knowledge in tourism management mainly in strategic planning, decision-making, organizing, managing and controlling enterprises and institutions in the sectors directly or indirectly involved in tourism. It provides knowledge of preparing and implementing complex tourism and hospitality development projects and has the necessary expertise to fill senior management positions. Graduates may be employed by municipalities, ministries and their background institutions, administrative offices, tourist destination management organizations, tourism businesses (accommodation, catering, transport companies etc.) and non-profit organizations. They also obtain appropriate knowledge for going on with their studies in the frames of PhD training. This course also includes visits to national and multinational businesses therefore students could gain practical knowledge about management studies.

  • Starting date(s): September
  • Duration of the course: 4 semesters - 20 months
  • Minimum requirement for admission: Bachelor degree preferably in Tourism and hospitality, Business management, Economics etc.
    • 60 credits of the relevant field of study
    • in case of 30-59 credits, the applicant need to take additional exams in the first 2 semesters of the MA course
    • in case of 0-29 credits, the applicant needs to study for 2 semesters PRIOR to the MA course to collect the 60 credits (supplementary studies) 
  • Location of the course: Gödöllő / Hungary
  • Language requirements: B2 level certificate, certificate about studies in English or official document about studying subjects in English.
  • Tuition Fee: 3000 EUR/semester
  • Course curriculum

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