Dean’s Welcome

Dear Visitor,

I am delighted to welcome you on the website of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of

Szent István University. The information found on the website shall provide guidance for applicants, students, teachers, staff members and for visitors as well. Based on the list of “Times Higher Education” Europe Teaching Rankings in 2019, Semmelweis University was ranked 41st, Szent István University was ranked between 126-150, Eötvös Loránd University and University of Debrecen was ranked between 151-200.

Our aim is that the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences will contribute to the implementation of the national economic strategic goals and to the enhancement of national and international results with multi-faceted and up-to-date knowledge in the field of business, social sciences and rural economy. The Faculty has several years of experience in teaching and researching. The ground of the scientific research work -approved both at national and at international level- is the intellectual potential, which substantiates the effective operation of national and foreign scientific workshops besides the institutional units of the faculty.  

Our faculty -awarded with Excellence Award- is among the best and the most competitive universities within Hungary dealing with higher education, research, adult education and consultancy. Among faculties pursuing business trainings, the scientific qualification and activities of our teachers has a prominent place. This fact is proven by as the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is among the 15 most popular faculties based on the applications in 2019.  

Our faculty provides trainings in all three levels (BSc, MSc, PhD and other post-graduates courses) in Hungarian and in English language as well. At present we offer a wide range of training courses to our students in 5 training disciplines, 9 BA/BSc programmes, 12 MA/MSc programmes, 2 undivided teacher trainings, 5 higher educational vocational trainings, several other postgraduate trainings and PhD training in two doctoral schools. We provide them the opportunity to participate at partial trainings at foreign universities as well. The professional practice obtained at different companies increases the value of the degrees on one side; while on the other side it establishes the development of further professional networks and the employment opportunities. The number of foreign students coming to our university shows an increasing trend due to the international relations of our university and our faculty.

The Faculty has always put great effort in embracing talented students within the frame of scientific student’s association and college work. The Board of Students’ Authority operating at the Faculty also cooperates in organizing professional programmes and at the same time it promotes the development of students’ cultural life. Our students perform well at national and international conferences, scientific tender and they show an increasing publishing activity, therefore not only do they establish their own career with it, but they also increase the reputation of the faculty. Students who are interested in scientific research can get PhD degree in the two doctoral schools in disciplines connected to our MSc subjects.

The measure of the national and international competitiveness of our faculty’s activity is the judgement of the market. The indicators showing the employment and the starting salary of the entrants graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences are outstanding in national comparison as well. Researches tracking graduates’ careers unequivocally prove that the degree gained at the Faculty secures outstanding employment opportunities on the labour market.

To summarize the above mentioned, our students can choose from the advertised BSc and MSc programmes in Hungarian and in English as full-time training or correspondence training; furthermore, they can choose our high-quality PhD programs in the two doctoral schools. Our graduates are known and acknowledged professionals in national and international level. The years spent at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Szent István University are the most precious years in the students’ lives as they gain a lot of positive experience besides the difficulties connected to learning, while they make life-long friendship.

Gödöllő, 8 July 2019

József  Popp, professor