Institute of Economics and Methodology

Welcome to the Institute of Economics and Methodology!

The Institute of Economics and Methodology is a major research and teaching department of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and was fouded in 2020. Our goal was to establish an institute according to the leading international trends to focus on the theoretical and empirical research and education of economics (within that micro- and macroeconomics, international economics), European Union knowledge, methodology, applied informatics and economic law. 

The educational profile of KMI is diverse, it is adapted to the topics of the basic courses of different topics. In our educational activities, we strive to continue and renew traditions at the same time. As students come to us from secondary schools with different educational structures, it is also the task of our Institute to bring to a uniform level the knowledge and knowledge that an economic professional must have today. In addition to the basic level courses, we also take part in the teaching of master's and doctoral courses in Hungarian and English, and we also perform dissertation consultant and doctoral thesis supervisors in both Hungarian and English. From year to year, our students are able to present excellent results at both the faculty and national events of the Scientific Student Circle Conference. KMI also participates very intensively in inter-faculty retraining activities, as well as in training abroad.

The following courses belong to the institute:

  • MA in International Economics and Management
  • Further training in liquidation and asset management economics and specialist

Contact information

Director of Institute: Naárné Dr. Tóth Zsuzsanna
Administration: Kelenvölgyi Zoltán (e-mail: Kelenvö
Address: Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Institute of Economics and Methodology
2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1.
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Department of Microeconomics

The Department of Microeconomics plays a significant role primarily in foundation training, but our instructors help the development of our students at all levels of training. We consider it important to create the professional foundations that can help our students acquire additional knowledge and the participation at a higher level of education. The subjects taught in the department create an opportunity for students to master the basic mechanisms of economics and the operation of the market with the aim to increase their proficiency in the field and establish their further studies. It is extremely important for the department to mentor students in the preparation of both thesis and academic dissertations.

Our instructors continuously develop the learning material in both Hungarian and English, regularly publish in domestic and international journals and take an active part in professional public life.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Róbert Magda

Department of Macroeconomics and International Economics

The primary focus of our department is the education of BA and MA subjects, including Macroeconomics, Public Economics, International Economics and Economic Policy. The department manages the International Economics and Management specialisation and teaches its subjects (International Trade, International Business Communication, International Marketing, World Economics, Prediction and Analysis of Global Economics, International Finances, International Capital Markets). Besides primary subjects we also give lectures in game theory, time series analysis, dynamic economic models, multisectoral economic analysis. Our professors provide lectures in English courses (Macroeconomics, International Economics, Water Economics and Business Management) on BA and MSc programmes.  Our professors also collaborate with the university’s PhD programme both as supervisors and lecturers.

Research encompasses various internationally renowned areas. An important field of research is international sustainability assessment and climate change. Here, the development of IPCC methodologies and UNFCCC expert assistance is significant. This is supported by other activities focusing on pollution dispersion models and geostatistical modelling. Using advanced and state-of-the-art means of information technology we cooperate with engineering research teams in the application of artificial intelligence and Big Data in transdisciplinary problems in economic sciences. We also take part in a domestic research focusing on interantional trade management.

Head of department
Dr. habil Molnár Márk PhD
associate professor

Department of Methodology

The basic task of the Department of Methodology is to develop statistical and methodological knowledge related to economic processes and to acquire them at the skill level. Describing and recording socio-economic processes with figures, creating databases, exploring, analyzing and forecasting the connections between the data, which is of fundamental importance for professionals making economic decisions. Our department consistently strives to provide usable econometric knowledge to our students with didactic tools appropriate to the needs of the age, in line with and adapted to the needs indicated by practice, with the help of which it ensures a competitive position for our students in the domestic and international labor market. The staff of the Department constantly strives for the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences to prepare independent methodological and economic analysis studies. The Department provides a high-level statistical methodological background for PhD training.

Head of department
Sergey Vinogradov PhD
associate professor

Department of Informatics

The main aim of the Department of Informatics is to research and teach applied IT knowledge related to economic processes. In the age of all-encompassing computer technology and intensive economic digitization, getting the basic digital competence, word processing, spreadsheet and data visualization both in business and academia are given a prominent role. Nowadays the continuous Internet presence requires familiarity with the basics of data and information security, and knowledge of Internet search, data collection and management using both classical databases and cloud-based technologies.

Our subjects improve the knowledge with the most important elements of the network economy, such as information networks and overflow, and its market manifestations such as management information systems, tourism applications, online marketing and communication, according to topic required by the given training. Recognizing the academic and business needs of the knowledge-based society, we carry out a method of education supported by e-learning systems with technical and didactic tools appropriate to the needs of the age. The analysis, publication and incorporation of student activities and results into the quality management of educational methodology induces continuous improvements. Through our professional and market relationships, we work in accordance with the needs indicated by practice and continuously adapt to them, in order to provide our students with knowledge that can be competitively utilized in the domestic and international labor markets.

Head of Department
Dr. Szalay, Zsigmond Gábor
associate professor

Department of Economic Law and Public Administration

Acquiring knowledge in relation with different fields of law is one of the most difficult, most complex and, at the same time, the most usable knowledge in everyday life. Subjects taught by the Department of Economic Law and Public Administration can be found in a large number of study programmes offered by Szent István University. The Department offers courses not only at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, but also at the Faculty of Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering in the Gödöllő Campus and at the Buda Campus. The colleagues of the Department also take part in the study programmes organised in Beregszász, Révkomárom and Zenta.

When defining the level, content and the methodology of law-related subjects it is essential that each expert working in business life should realise the importance of legal knowledge, take into consideration the legal aspects and be aware of the changing legal environment. In addition to presenting various legal institutions, the Department puts special emphasis on practice-oriented trainings, as well.

Apart from various areas of business (Corporate Law, Contract Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Communication and Media Law) our Department is involved in teaching Public Administration Law and also organises courses in the field of agricultural legal relations (Land Law, Special Agricultural Enterprises and Environmental Law). The Department offers courses in the English language especially in the field of business life (Business Law) and environmental protection (Environmental Law, Water Policy). The Department also coordinates the study programme of Liquidation and Asset Management.

The most important topics of our scientific activity are researching the legal regulation of enterprises, agriculture-related business organisations and co-operatives. Extensive research has been carried out in relation with the regulation of land use and land ownership, as well. The staff of the Department has published several books, conference papers and other articles on these topics. The colleagues of the Department place a great emphasis on writing university course books.

The Department provides several special programmes in order to deepen the knowledge gained at the lectures. The most highlighted workshop and conference for students in the spring semester is called “Economics and Law” and in the autumn semester we organise a legal case solving competition entitled “Be a Lawyer”.

In addition to the above, on a yearly basis the Department organises study trips where students can get an insight into the operation of the National Assembly, courts and penitentiary institutions.

Head of Department:
Dr. Zoltán Szira
Associate Professor