Although Gödöllő is a fairly small town, there are actually a good number of things to do here. In the main dormitory, you can show your dormitory pass to get in and work out or use the sauna. There is a swimming pool on campus which is open all through the summer, and there are extensive tennis court facilities as well. Also, there are always excursions to the hilly areas of northern and north eastern Hungary for hiking. These trips will sometimes be organised through the schools and sometimes by students. If they are organised through the schools, you can get the information for them there.

The House of Arts in the heart of Gödöllő, (currently being renovated) offers courses on everything from loom weaving to Tai Kwan Do to German. It is also the centre of town for art exhibitions. Movies and theatre plays are also put on here, usually of a more artistic variety. All in all, the House of Arts, or „Műv-Ház”, as it is called here, can provide a good evening's entertainment at a reasonable price. The Royal Palace also puts on exhibitions and classical concerts, usually focusing on the Baroque Period. These are usually held either outdoors, in season, or in the Ballroom of the palace.

There is a cinema (“Mozi”) in town, across the HÉV tracks from the „Műv-Ház”; where you can see whatever is currently playing in Hungary. Again, prices for movies or entertainment in Gödöllő are usually very reasonable, and the quality of the entertainment makes it a sure bet to get your money's worth.

The club of “Agymosoda” on the ground floor of Alma Mater cafeteria is also a popular nightspot in the university, however it is open only a couple of nights a week. Of course, if you really want to get a taste of the cultural life of Hungary, you are in a good position to do it, as some of the most famous entertainment venues in all of Europe are here, only a about an hour away by public transportation in Budapest. The Opera House, cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries, tourist spots, night clubs- it's all here. Budapest is one of the premier cities to have fun in Central Europe. It is worth a try.