Smart Communities Conference

Smart communities – Challenges and development paths of Central and Eastern European locations in the globalised world

5th Central European PhD Workshop on Regional Economics and Business Studies

28th-29th September 2017, Legénd, Hungary

The workshop is open for PhD students and early career researchers from the Central-Eastern European region, working within the fields of regional studies, rural development, economics and business administration. It offers specific training and provides an opportunity for interaction amongst senior and young researchers.

Important deadlines:

  • Registration and submission of the abstract:  14 July 2017 (updated on 03/07/17)
  • Notification about abstract acceptance:  21 July 2017 (updated on 03/07/17)
  • Submission of the full paper:    1 September 2017
  • Payment of reviewing cost:    1 September 2017


The registration form is available here:

Papers are welcome particularly (but not exclusively) from the following themes:

  • smart cities, smart communities
  • resiliency at different territorial levels
  • urban – rural dichotomy
  • development path designation, lock-in, new economic geography
  • the geography and challenges of peripheries
  • territorial competitiveness and place-based development policies
  • new methods and approaches in local economic development
  • contribution of local actors, community development
  • enterprises and locations in the globalised economy
  • cross-border initiatives and their potential
  • tourism development and alternative practices
  • migration and local human resources

For further information please contact the organizers:

Downloadable documents:

Organized by

Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Foundation for Human Resources Development, Gödöllő
co-organized by the
University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and
the Hungarian Regional Science Association.

The workshop is financed by the project titled as Smart Communities, No. SKHU/1601/4.1/210.