Steps of Application procedure

Step No. 1.: Filling in the application form and collecting the necessary documents (as listed on the website)

Step No. 2.: Sending the application form and documents to the Dean’s Office by post or to the e-mail address.

Step No. 3.: In case all the necessary documents are submitted, the application procedure gets started. The Application Committee checks the documents and prepares the credit evaluation statement in case of MSc courses.

Step No. 4.: If an applicant meets the requirements of admission, he/she gets an e-mail about the potential acceptance. There is always an acceptance request form attached to the e-mail which needs to be filled in, signed and sent back to:

Step No. 5.: After the acceptance request and the copy of the bank transfer of the 1st semester tuition fee are submitted, the Dean issues the Confirmation of acceptance on official letterhead paper which document is suitable and necessary for visa application.

Step No. 6.: An applicant receives an information letter about the schedule of the academic year, details of the course, accommodation, campus etc.

Step No. 7.: Visa application, preparation of the arrival in Gödöllő, booking accommodation etc.

Step No. 8.: Arrival, getting familiar with the city and the campus, starting the studies.